Moose Lake

Moose Lake is an 1150 acre lake that reaches depths of over 60 feet and is home to
many trophy size walleye and musky. Northern pike is also one of the many game fish
sought after. There is also access to Little Moose Lake from Moose Lake. For more
information about area lakes, visit the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources:
**Insert "Lake ID: 31072200**

Along with the great fishing, there is also plenty of wildlife to be seen. We frequently
have ducks and other water fowl visiting. You may even get lucky and see a few of our
other neighbors such as bear and deer.

We offer almost unlimited amounts of recreation with a canoe and paddleboat free of
charge to view our beautiful natural scenery. The kids will really enjoy our playground
equipment and assortment of balls and other outside games.

You can also rent our pontoon for a family day touring the lake. The pontoon can also

be rented on a weekly basis and of course we offer boats and motors on a weekly or
daily basis. Enjoy a day of water skiing and many other activities right here at the resort.

Need we say more?